Matching investors with investment managers

Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

The principal terms setting out the scope of our services are set out below. Our more detailed terms and conditions of service which regulate our relationship with clients are available on application. Before we commence providing you our services, we will require completed documentation. We are very happy to discuss any aspect of our terms with you.

Our Services

We will provide you the following services to assist in the management of your portfolio of investments (the Portfolio):


We will charge a fee for the provision of our services in accordance with our payment terms. In certain cases investment managers may pay our costs on your behalf.


To allow us to conduct a comprehensive review of your investment requirements we will require you to provide us with information about the Portfolio. Our use of this information is governed by appropriate undertakings about confidentiality.

At the same time investment managers which we approach will have entered a confidentiality agreement covering your information. BeesonMaisey’s role includes maintaining confidentiality over all information received from you and from investment managers. We also obtain undertakings that any investment manager information will remain confidential in the hands of the recipient and will only be used for the purpose of the investment review.

Financial Services Authority Regulation

While our services to you are not and do not intend to constitute regulated activities as defined by the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000, all investment managers will be so regulated.