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Selection and Review - Your Solution

Selection & Review

Your Solution

BeesonMaisey provide all the resources needed for a successful review and appointment of an investment manager. We work with you to define your needs and objectives, your risk profile and investment requirements.

Once agreed, we create with you a list (the "long list") of investment managers to approach on your behalf. Your requirements will drive their response in the shape of an investment proposal, supported by comprehensive details about their company, investment process and delivery and, importantly, their performance record.

BeesonMaisey analyse all the responses and provide you with summary information and data which we review with you. The full reports are available as well.

From this review the short list of companies to present is derived. This is the opportunity to test the proposals and to judge the investment case. It is also the time to explore the interpersonal "chemistry", which is an important factor in a successful relationship. BeesonMaisey attends the interviews with you and will work with you to determine the areas which should be probed during the interview.

Out of this process a preferred investment manager will be identified for the appointment.

Throughout the selection process you remain in control of the decisions whether it is inclusion of companies on the long list or accessing information provided.

Once your manager is appointed and your account is established, our job is completed. But if you need help thereafter, we are always available.


Triggers for a review

Circumstances that would prompt a formal or full review would certainly include:

  • A change in investment objectives, leading to a need for a change in investment strategy
  • A change in the size of the investment portfolio, reflecting the injection of new funds for example
  • A change in the ownership of the incumbent investment manager
  • A change in the style or approach to investment by the incumbent
  • Sustained poor investment performance
  • Poor administration and reporting or a marked deterioration in service standards
  • A significant increase in the manager's charges
  • Frequent changes in the personnel responsible for the account management Retirement of a trusted investment manager

Benefits of a review

Looking at the benefits of a review, there is an opportunity to:

  • Define or redefine objectives
  • Callibrating the business plan or investment objectives with potential investment returns
  • Review asset allocation and risk profile
  • Explore new or previously unconsidered investment styles or approaches
  • Establish firm guidelines and benchmarks to monitor future performance
  • Establish reporting and service standards through the preparation of the investment policy statement
  • Improve investment returns
  • Reduce costs and administration
  • Meet the obligations of the need to review
  • Provide an audit trail of the review